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Thursday, May 28, 2015

My 2015 Summer Bucket List

Hey guys!!!

Sooo it's finally summer! Woo! Well at least summer vacation. :P Anyways, you can check out my summer bucket list here or simply read the rest of this post. xD

  1. See my best friend (Kate)
  2. Get Paris Jackson's new haircut
  3. Drink only detox water for an entire week
  4. Get a Starbucks card
  5. Get a tan
  6. Pull an all-nighter
  7. Buy a new bikini
  8. Get a new piercing
  9. Make a big summer video
  10. Go to a fair/carnival
  11. Have a summer fling
  12. Get a Dunkin' Donuts card
  13. Get my eyebrows done
  14. Get a Brazilian wax
  15. Read 6 books
  16. Get laser hair removal
  17. Go horseback riding
  18. Take at least 100 pictures
  19. Go on a shopping spree with Kate
  20. Watch at least 3 movies in the cinema
If you guys have any suggestions please comment them. I need suggestions!


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