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About Darling, We're Adventurers

Welcome to Darling, We're Adventurers. This blog started off with the intention of being a travel blog, however due to the fact that I'm currently in high school I don't get to travel all that much. Coming to that realization, I am currently transforming it into a lifestyle/beauty/fashion blog. It is still in the works of becoming what I intend it to be, but I'm dedicated to making this work out and getting this blog up and running.

Transforming into the lifestyle/beauty/fashion blog means that I'll be spending more time posting about my make up, skin care, style, closet, DIYs, etc. I have a lot of things planned out and hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think and follow Darling, We're Adventurers if you like it. :)

A Bit About Me:


I'm Samantha Arnold, but you can call me Sam or Sammy. I'm currently 15, living in Sudan. I'm half Thai (Mom) and half American (Dad). I'm currently in 10th grade, doing my IGs. I move every two or three years. I've lived in Thailand, China, Qatar, India, and now Sudan. I like cats, large sweaters and long cuddles.


I have New Years resolutions, though I fail at them every year. Anyways I hope I do better this time. Here are mine:
- Get fit and stay fit
- Be happy in general
- Have fun
- Be more confident

Word for the Year:
Happy - I've been struggling with being happy, because I had depression and I'm still not happy and I realize it's okay to be sad but I want to be happy. Life's just overall better when you're happy so I might as well be happy right?

For those of you who don't know, the word for the year thing is basically when you have a word which you wish to obtain throughout the year. It's easier to just focus on one word rather than a list of things to do.

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Instagram: instagram.com/_thefluffypanda_
Pinterest: pinterest.com/sammya8/
Tumblr: starlitdancing.tumblr.com

My Other Blogs:

Thoughts of a Dreamer
Twitter: thoughtoadreamr
Email: thoughtsofadreamer8@gmail.com

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