June 2014Darling, We're Adventurers: June 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

My Art

Hey guys!

Recently I got back into digital art. So I've dug out my Wacom drawing tablet and went on a drawing spree. You can view my art here: http://samanthaarnold.deviantart.com

Please comment, like, etc. :D


Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hey guys!!!

So, I had quite a day. I spent it with my crush. And we nearly kissed a million times! Honestly, I really wish we did! Like it was nose touching, forehead touching, lip licking, waist grabbing, and all that jazz but we still didn't freaking kiss! Oh the frustration. And the look on his face! His eyes staring at my lips as he bent down and our foreheads touched and he'd tilt his head a little to the left so our noses would bump and lean in until there was a centimeter of space left between our lips. But that's the most that ever happened.

One time we nearly did kiss. Like our lips were just about to meet but I kinda flinched which caused him to pull back. Uhh I wish I didn't flinch. What do u think? I really shouldn't have flinched should I?

He was playing COD with my brotherand every time he'd get upset, he'd turn to me, grunt and grab my face. He'd just rest his forehead against mine and just stare into my eyes. And he'd calm down as I patted his head and whispered that it'd be okay. And when he'd win, he'd get so excited, jumping and screaming and then he'd lean over and nearly kiss me but pull away right at the end whilst I cheer him on this whole time.

At one point, he stole my phone and whilst I was trying to get it back we somehow ended up kinda dancing. Like my arms were around his neck, his around my waist and he'd spin me around and I just thought that it was so cute. 

Anyways I was telling my friend about all of this, and she came up with a ship name for us... Salipe. It's because I'm Samantha and he's Felipe so Salipe. Get it? Get it? Aren't we just hilarious? :P Jk, I know we're not.

Anyways what do u guys think???