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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Leaving My Cats Behind For The Summer

Hey guys!

So as you all know, it's summer vacation! I'm off to the states for this summer. I'll be there for 2 months. This is the longest I'll be away for my cats and it's honestly quite nerve wrecking. There are no pet hotels in Sudan, all my friends are travelling so they can't watch my cats, and taking them with us to the US is out of the question.

Instead, my maid will be taking care of them. She'll come over every single day to feed them and clean the kitty litter as well as her normal work. She'll make sure everything is okay. We'll also have our guards look after them if need be.

The reason we refuse to take them to the United States with us is because they'll be stuck in quarantine for a whole month before I get to be with them. They'll probably be issues with housing - my grandparents aren't fond of pets and we're staying at their place. Also, we'll have to deal with giving them a check up, shots and everything. I mean yes they're all good with their vaccines but they'll still have to do a check up and whatever vaccine the US might require. It'll be really expensive and tedious. Not to mention, something could happen to them before we get to the US, on the way, in a layover, when we arrive, on our way back home, etc. There are endless possibilities, and it's just better to leave them here no matter how much I'll miss them. Also, costs of it all is ridiculous.


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