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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Saturday #1

Hey guys!

So, I saw this on Why Girls Are Weird. Krysten usually posts on Fridays, but seeing as it's now Saturday, I decided to make mine on Saturdays. xD

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. I finished my IGCSE exams!
Woo! I'm finally done with them! They were so stressful, it's insane. So I'm done with school until next school year. The rest of the school has another week of school though. :) I love laughing at my brother about it. Also, a lot of the other people taking IGCSE have more exams due to history and music - I don't take those.

2. I got accepted into the Cleveland Institute of Art 2015 Precollege program.
I honestly thought I wouldn't get accepted but late last night I received an email saying I was accepted. I honestly cannot believe it.

3. I was autoapproved by a publisher on Netgalley.
It's the first time that I've been autoapproved on Netgalley so I just thought this was insane.

4. I skyped my uncle.
I haven't spoken to any of my relatives from the US in nearly two years now so that really lifted my spirits.

5. I got ice cream.
That's pretty self explanatory. Ice cream is life. <3

6. My friend and I binge ate at a local diner.
It was fun. We went after school and just stuffed our faces in food and cake and iced tea.

7. I finished watching season 4 of Game of Thrones
Oh my lord I love Game of Thrones so much. Like omg I can't even.

8. The amount of iced tea I had 
I may be addicted to iced tea you guys.

9. My mom's birthday
It was on the 19th so happy belated birthday again mommy! :*

10. I watched Stuck In Love again
It's my favorite movie and every time I watch it, I just get so motivated to become a writer. I just really love that movie.


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