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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Goals

Hey guys!

So I've seen this going around recently and after taking a look at some people's goals, I've decided on doing my own. And by this I mean "monthly goals". I've decided to set up categories for myself so that I have at least one goal per category each month.

- Post a cover or original on YouTube

- Set up at least 1 art store (online) aside for DeviantArt
- Post YouTube video of me painting
- Create 3 new paintings

- Finish at least 2 of my library books
- Finish at least 1 ebook

- Do my research paper for art

- Clean up my room

- Do the squat challenge
- Eat more vegetables :P

That's it! Okay, I know that's sorta a lot. I tend to do that. Everyone else has only 4 or 5 goals. :/ It may be too much but oh well.

So what are your goals?

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