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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tanya Burr's Make Up Line

Hey guys!

Do you guys know Tanya Burr? If not you should really check out her YouTube channel. I just found out that she has a make up line. It's absolutely amazing! I love it! At the moment she only has lip gloss and nail polish though.

This is her lip gloss in the color of "Let's Travel The World". I declare this as my exploration lip gloss. I must bring it with me every time I travel. I so dearly want to buy it right now. Maybe I just will. You can't find it in stores outside of the UK, but you can buy it online at Feel Unique.

Here are two colors of her nail polish. The blue one is "Little Duck" and the red one is "Mischief Managed". The rest of the colors are also absolutely beautiful. I want all of them! You can also buy them at Feel Unique.

Here's Tanya's entire store online.


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