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Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

Hey guys!

So yesterday was oddly hot here in Bangalore, so I decided to make myself some iced tea. However, I was out of my Lipton Iced Tea powder mixes -- or so I thought, I found it after I was done making my tea. :P Anyways, my mom told me that I could just make some by making normal tea but cooling it down. I thought that sounded awful! I mean normal tea is supposed to be hot! How on earth could it possibly taste any good cold?! So once she left, I decided I'd give it a go anyways. Here's what I did...

- 4 bags of green tea
- 5 cups of boiled water
- A pitcher
- Sugar
- A lemon
- Ice

My glass of tea

  1. Pour around 5 teaspoons of sugar into your pitcher & put the bags of tea in.
  2. Pour the boiled water into the pitcher and close the pitcher.
  3. Come back in around 15 minutes.
  4. Take out the tea bags and throw them out.
  5. Mix the sugar in.
  6. Cut the lemon and squeeze the juice into the tea.
  7. Put some ice in to help cool and put in fridge.
  8. Take out once cooled, put more ice in, and pour into a glass to drink.
  9. Optional: Sweeten to your pleasing.
That's it!

Let me know what you think if you tried it and if you have any recipes to drinks that you like. :)


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