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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Little Tip

Hello parents out there.

Let me give you a little tip. Don't ever EVER destroy your child's dream ok? Just please don't. I'm begging you not to. No matter how ridiculous their dream may be, don't even try. Don't you dare try. Do not force them to call it unrealistic. Just don't. You're supposed to be there to support and cheer them on. We children are honestly quite easy to understand. We just want love and for you to be there. We don't want you to humiliate us. We don't want you to tear us down. We want you stand there by our sides and push us a little further and hold us a little higher. And if we were to fall, we want you to be there to catch us and hold us until we're safe and sound. We want you to be there in the crowd cheering us on as we stride towards victory. We want you on our side even if we're dead wrong. So never go against our dreams please. Obviously we want a few other things such as toys, but no such thing is as important as those which I just listed about you.

I thought you wanted us to be safe and happy. Isn't that what you desire most? Us to be safe and happy. To be strong and healthy. To be smart and able to make it on our own? So why would you possibly tear down our dreams? That's doing the complete opposite. And honestly doing that will make us hate you. No, it's not possible for us to completely hate you. But trust me, that friendship you may have or could possibly gain would be completely gone. It'll be gone in a matter of seconds if you do that. Yes, you do have hope of regaining it but it'll never be the same again.

You can show them it's impractical in small doses that aren't very upfront. But to just go out and tell them that their dreams are ridiculous and would never happen. Don't you dare do that. I'm sorry if my tone is harsh or rude, but I just feel very strongly about this. Dreams are important to us. To some it could be the most important things.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you all that before you hurt your relationship with your child.


P.S. I realize how hard it is being a parent. I don't know personally but I can imagine. We all make mistakes, but please just don't do this. Just be kind and laugh with them encouraging them. Because the time you guys have together is honestly quite short. Soon enough they'll be off in college leading on their own life in glory. And if you play your cards right, you'll be right along side them shining in the light next to them. You'll be able to continue laughing and fooling around with them. Only now they can support themselves and can help support you as well. Also, one last thing. Please, try not to take your anger from a friend or work or whatever out on your child. :)

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