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Monday, May 26, 2014

My Summer Bucket List

Hey guys!

So this summer, I have put together a summer bucket list for me to complete. I did the same thing last year but failed. :P

Here's this year's:
∞ Create a temporary tattoo with a sharpie, baby powder, and hairspray
∞ Make a sun tattoo
∞ Make my own 5SOS shirt
∞ Buy new sunglasses
∞ Buy a bikini
∞ 100 Happy Days Challenge
∞ Make a music video on videostar app
∞ Get a frappuccino
∞ Make a new friend
∞ Work on my gymnastics (get better at cartwheels, handstands, and splits)
∞ Go to the gym everyday
∞ Go swimming everyday
∞ Drink 8 cups of water everyday
∞ Eat a salad everyday for a week (and continue if I like)
∞ Get a flat stomach
∞ Learn Greek
∞ Swim in the moonlight
∞ Get a henna tattoo
∞ Have a summer fling
∞ Get another piercing
∞ Learn to play the ukulele
∞ Pick a summer anthem
∞ Rock red, coral, orange, and pink lipstick a lot
∞ Teach myself a sentence in sign language
∞ Spend an entire day listening to Beatles songs
∞ Bake cake pops
∞ Go vegetarian for a week
∞ Go outside everyday
∞ Do yoga everyday for a week
∞ Buy a new camera

That's it for now!

Comment if you have any suggestions please! :D I'll be posting every time I accomplish one of these (hopefully with a picture) and will cross it off the list (which I have uploaded on this page).


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