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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Back from Kerala!

Hey guys!

I'm back! :D Missed me? I actually came back last week, but I online today. I promise that not all of my trips will be like this. I'll try to come online during my trip to keep you updated.

Anyways enough about that. I'm here to tell you about my trip. It was so much fun!  I had my phone taken away from me during the trip for some reason. The teachers took all of our phones away. :/ So I didn't have anything to take pictures or listen to music with. I did get a chance to listen to music with my friends' iPods occasionally though. I kinda accidentally put my iPod in the washing machine so I don't have one anymore. :P But I did get a chance to take one or two pictures while on the plane! And I did reading on my phoen and listened to music while on the plane ride as well. :P

There'll be more than just one blog post about this trip. Here's the first!

The airplane was terrifying! It was falling apart! I could literally take off part of the roof. I didn't of course but I pushed it by accident while on the ground and freaked out. Thankfully I did that after the flight was over. And the propellers... They were just absurd! Honestly, I am astonished that the plane lasted the entire flight! I'm glad it was a short ride, only an hour. Here's a picture of the propellers:

Here's what was on my carry-on bag. It included a variety of snacks, two sunglasses, my wallet, my passport, and my scarf.

I have a whole playlist for the songs that I listened to on both plane rides. If you would like to take a look at them or listen to them, please sign up for the Monthly Newsletter through this link.

The book that I started reading on the plane was Promises by Amber Garr.
Buy Promises: (All prices are for at the moment. They may change due to sales and whatnot.)
Flipkart (paperback) -- Rs. 714
Flipkart (ebook) -- Free
Amazon (paperback) -- $9.89
Amazon (Kindle) -- Free
Uread (paperback) -- Rs. 697

To be continued...

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