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Thursday, January 16, 2014



I'm Samantha, and this is my blog. So I'll just explain what my blog is about exactly...

I love adventure and traveling, so I thought I might as well make a blog about it so I could share my tips and journeys with others and they could do the same with me. You can sponsor my trips or blog if you go click here. Same goes if you simply want to advertise on my blog.

I've never gone on an adventure by myself (without my parents), so I'm saving up to do so. My first adventure will be to Qatar to visit my friends and explore it since I didn't really do anything when I lived there and just spent the time locked up at my house, at the mall, or a friend's house. I want to see the beautiful sand dunes and all! So why not? By sponsoring or advertising on my blog (you'll have to pay) which will mean one step closer to going on that adventure and my several adventures that I have yet to go on. I have a whole list which is incomplete. I'm working to create the option for you to simply donate money to this. But that isn't up yet. I'll let you know when it is up.

Aside for my trips, I have a bunch of bucket lists and I will be updating them on here letting you know when I've accomplished them! :) It'll be fun with pictures and all. If you have any suggestions to what I could add please comment! I don't care how absurd or ridiculous they are. Life is meant to be fun! Carpe diem right?!

On my sidebar is a subscription box. Subscribe if you would like to receive a monthly newsletter. You'll get a heads up on upcoming adventures, giveaways, etc. Whatever there is you'll get an update. I'll also answer questions from you guys on there and what not. Anyways if not please follow the blog through GFC. If there is another preferred way that you'd like to use to follow please leave a comment and I'll set to work seeing that through. Anyways that's it for now!

See you around!

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