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Saturday, September 6, 2014

MUN Conferences

Hey guys!

So this year I'm in MUN again. I've signed up for two different MUN conferences which I'm going to. I'm going to AMUN and THIMUN.

AMUN is in Amen, Jordan which will be super cool. We have a bunch of things planned out for that including a trip to the Dead Sea. I'm super excited. AMUN is in late October/early November, so you can expect blog entries about Jordan in November!

THIMUN is in the Hague, Netherlands. I'm super excited about this one because it's one of the biggest MUN conferences to exist and has a huge waiting list, but my school gets to go so I get to and oh my gosh, I can't even. Not to mention, I might see one of my old buddies there! It's one of things I'm looking forward most to this school year. THIMUN is during the last few days of January so you can expect blog posts in the beginning of February. I'm not really sure if we have any plans there, but you'll find out in January or February. :)

I'm super excited! I can't even honestly. Plus, I think we might be going somewhere for the winter holidays, but I could be wrong. And I know for sure we're going to the US for summer, so keep in tune for those updates as well! :D


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