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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Summer Perfume

Hey guys!

So my dad just got back from the US and while he was there, I asked him to pick up a few things from Victoria's Secret for me. He didn't get everything I asked, but he got enough. One of the things he got was the Victoria's Secret Bombshell Summer. Here is a quick mini review of it for you all! :)

I love it! It's a very fruity scent. On the box and online describes it as "A splash of summer. A glamorous escape. Feel the radiance with sparkling, ah kissed citrus and bright florals." It also says that it consists of "Juicy Grapefruit, Black Currant, and Lily of the Valley". And if you guys are anything like me your probably totally lost and confused on what that smells like. It's basically a very sweet scent which has a great mixture between fruity and floral. Though the fruitiness does shine through more. It's just absolutely perfect for summer. It's my official summer scent if that's a thing. Anyways, I'm addicted to it's scent. It's absolutely wonderful. So I highly recommend you all get it if you like that fun, feminine, fruity flavor in your perfume. If you do decide that you're going to get it, you better get it soon because it's limited edition!

Here is it's gorgeous bottle:

Anyways, see you around!

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